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Parking Lot Cleaning Service

1st Choice Power Wash LLC., provides Bentonville, and all of Northwest Arkansas a safe Eco-Friendly flat surface and parking lot cleaning service. A dirty grease and oil covered parking area can be an extreme hazard to both employee's and customers alike, it can have hidden hazards that most people would not even think about, because the longer grease and oil and other pollutants sit on that flat parking area they are just eating away at your parking lot, slowly eating away on the concrete, asphalt, that in turn, down the road can lead to a very costly repair or replacement of your parking surface. Or it can cause a major accident because of the different pollutants mixing together over the years, it can create a very slick surface in wet conditions because the rain is mixing with oils and greases. Or it can promote faster freezing in winter months. Instead of spending thousands on future repairs or replacements or even law suits because the parking area was covered in oils and grease, contact us to come out to give you a free bid, so we can get it taken care of and cleaned for you.

All of our flat surface or parking lot cleaning processes we keep in a safe controlled environment to make sure all of your customers are kept away from any hazards that may arise.

As you know when a parking lot gets dirty with oil and grease it can get dangerously slick to walk on and even worse when its wet. That is why it is important to keep your parking lot clean and safe.

Along with Industry leading equipment we also use a State of the Art Eco-friendly cleaning detergents in all our flat surface and parking lot cleaning processes. It will safely and efficiently break down and lift up most any pollutants on your parking surface. The use of our Eco-friendly detergents and Extremely hot water system we can remove all of the pollutants on the parking area.

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