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Residential Power Washing

We provide Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas a wide range of residential power washing services. Below are descriptions of a few of the services we offer, Note: there are so many things that we can clean with a Power washer for our customers that if we tried to list them all you would be reading all day.

A very common misconception among homeowners and property owners is that when they see something that is extremely dirty they think it has to be replaced,or repaired but the truth is, there is a very strong chance that all it needs is a professional cleaning done to it. Siding, Roof surfaces, sidewalks, etc. If you have a cleaning company come in to do a once a year cleaning on most items that alone can add years of life to items you thought you had to replace because they were dirty. Our professionally trained crew will be able to determine if all it needs is a good clean or repair, replacement.

Foaming Process for building cleaning

Foaming process we use in our residential and commercial building wash cleaning processes. Our chemicals or detergents used are Eco-friendly, child, pet and vegetation safe.

Driveway Cleaning

We Offer a Industry Leading Driveway Cleaning Process. We have the proper training and equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently, leaving your driveway looking nice and clean.

Sidewalk Cleaning

We use the same Industry Leading Cleaning Process as we use on your driveways for your sidewalk and patio areas, to quickly and efficiently clean your sidewalk and patio areas, creating a clean, safe, inviting atmosphere for your home.

Brick Cleaning

We use the proper tools,training and detergents/chemicals to provide you with another Industry Leading Cleaning Process for your Brick work around your house. Cleaning all the old dirt, soot,grease, mortar tags, etc. off of your Brick work leaving a beautiful clean result for you and your family to enjoy!

Siding cleaning
  1. Home and Exterior Building Wash
  2. Driveway
  3. Sidewalks
  4. Entry areas
  5. Deck and Patio
  6. Pool and Pool Patio
  7. Roof Cleaning
  8. Gutter cleaning
  9. Gutter brightening
  10. Rust Removal
  11. Graffiti Removal
  12. Lawn Equipment
  13. Landscape Beautification
  14. Misc. Lawn Furnishings
Gutter Exterior Cleaning

Not Only do we clean the outside of your gutters, upon customer request we will also remove and clean any gutter guards and then completely clean the inside of your gutter and flush all drain pipes out that way your gutter system works the way it was intended to. Then we will re-install any gutter guards that we cleaned.

Roof Cleaning before and after

We offer a extremely low pressure cleaning process we can use to safely and effectively remove any mold, moss, or algae from your roofs surface. The 100% Eco-friendly detergent we use in this cleaning process will safely kill and loosen up the mold, moss, and other pollutants from your roofs surface allowing our low pressure process to safely remove it from your roof leaving your roof looking like it did the day in was installed.

The cleaner your roof is the better it will do its job, a dirty roof is severely hampering the performance of your roof, it is slowly eating away at your roof and after a few years you will think you may need a new roof when most of the time all it needs is a good cleaning. (Special Equipment Needed for safety purposes) Additional rates may apply.

1st. Choice Power Wash LLC.

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